Ayyildiz Automotive

Ayyildiz Automotive

Our company, which started its operations in the Automotive sector in Istanbul in 1985, has developed its activities in many areas over the years and diversified them on a sectoral basis.

Our company; We also operate in the fields of Automotive, Construction, Building Materials, Printing-Publishing, Stationery, Communication-Telecommunication, Advertising, Organization, Food, Health Services, Medical Instruments-Materials and Dental Equipment, Tourism, Souvenirs, Toys and Spark Equipment, Elevators, Automation. It has aimed to demonstrate and developed these areas and added them to its activities and services. We continue our activities with determination and faith in a wide range of sectors.

Our company, which has been operating for more than a quarter of a century, continues its activities in line with the needs of Turkey’s most well-known Cleaning, Excavation and Transport companies, Municipalities, Official Institutions and Organizations, in Service Procurement, Supply, Maintenance and Repair, Contracting, Marketing and its Subject.

Our working principle;
Trust and Continuity.



Ayyildiz Automotive


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23 April, 2019