Prof. Dr. Murat Kasımoglu

Prof. Dr. Murat Kasimoglu

Prof. Dr. Murat Kasımoğlu works as a faculty member at Istanbul Commerce University, Department of Business Administration.

Murat Kasımoğlu has worked on more than 100 investment, global joint venture, acquisition and merger projects. He took part in many joint projects related to companies and investment areas.

Kasımoğlu managed the processes of many projects in the fields of education, energy, health, technology, engineering and infrastructure. He took on the task of determining the working principles of these processes, designing the structural-managerial processes and successfully completing them.

Kasımoğlu closely followed the processes of rapidly growing companies, worked effectively with universities, chambers, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations to develop architectures and turn them into action, and pioneered efficient and sustainable processes in the university-business world.

Kasımoğlu worked as a coordinator in the Istanbul Global Financial Center Infrastructure Project. He completed his doctorate at Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration in 1998 and became a professor in 2009.

Kasımoğlu, who has developed cooperation agreements and joint projects with the business world in countries such as Qatar, America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, England, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic and Finland, continues to contribute to the development of studies that combine theory and practice.


Prof. Dr. Murat Kasimoglu


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20 May, 2023