Protokol Guvenlik

Protokol Guvenlik

Protocol Group is an organization of the Group of Companies. It has brought a brand new image to the private security sector with its knowledge and experience gained over the past years. It has distinguished itself with its first and only unique service applications in Europe and Turkey. It not only protected people, property and goods; He considers it his duty to protect nature.

It has proven itself by unconditionally fulfilling the obligations of Law No. 5188 and its relevant regulations and other laws regarding Protocol Security activities. Personal rights of its personnel, monthly wages, overtime, public holiday work, weekly and annual leave rights, excused leave (birth, death, illness, wedding), etc. It has fulfilled the rights of its personnel in a timely manner and continues to do so. With its trained private security personnel and expert management staff, it offers its customers the reliable, high-quality service they deserve in business areas such as shopping malls, markets, hospitals, schools, gyms, stadiums, municipalities, public institutions, factories, housing estates, workplaces and construction sites. At the same time, he has received thanks from many institutions and organizations for his references in the service of organization security (concerts, festivals, fairs, congresses, sports competitions, special meetings, promotional organizations, picnics, etc.). Operating with a professional service approach in the VIP (close protection) service, the personnel of Protocol Security have good knowledge of foreign languages (English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Italian), have received special close protection training abroad, are experts in their field, and have the ability to immediately recognize and avoid danger. It protects the famous businessmen and artists in our country 24/7 with its fully professional and presentable VIP staff. Our company attaches importance to personnel training and ensures that the personnel complete their vocational training with orientation training as well as private security basic training.

With the trust and internal dynamism it receives from you, Protocol Security will strive to provide a safe, secure, quality and peaceful environment by making you feel the difference of catching the best and the most beautiful, and will achieve greater success together with you. The honorable references of the people, institutions and organizations we serve today show that we are taking firm steps towards our target.


Protokol Guvenlik


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05 January, 2020