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Although the process in which access to global connections has become possible by melting the concepts of time and space has brought about breaks in perspectives and approaches different from what is known, the results have turned into a paradox. The combination of differences within a common structure has brought uniformity to the agenda. While the areas where art is represented are points of contact with art, they in a sense witness the collapse of the aura with the distortions in perception caused by the sameness.

Founded by Ayşe Aslı Akkülah at the beginning of 2024, Red Rouge Art Gallery is identified as a place of escape against the current and accustomed order. By utilizing the bold language of art, he seeks to revive a real contact, a longed-for aura, and a sincere dialogue. It offers a unique style, independent of thoughts that celebrate the old with a nostalgic impulse or ignore the structures of the day.

Red Rouge Art Gallery expresses its vision of integrating the fragmented originality attributed to the work of art together with all the elements it touches and is in dialogue with.


Red Rouge Art Gallery


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10 May, 2024